NANCY ANN WALKER                           
Watercolor ~ Mixed Media ~ Fibre Art


Nancy is a self-taught artist who loves to work in a variety of mediums.
At the age of 6, her artistic career began with classical piano and voice. She won
many awards and was able to teach piano at the age of 14. 

She started sewing in her teen years with lots of help from her grandmother.
"Nana had an old Singer sewing machine in the basement of her house where I sewed
and sewed!"

Since those early years, she has continued to create and diversify.
"I really enjoy photography and nature. Much of my work is inspired by the surroundings
here in Alberta and when I travel."

Nancy uses the highest quality materials she can find to produce a lasting piece of art.

Currently, she is working on new paintings, designing mixed media projects and quilting.
She has won many awards for her work and continues to enjoy her artistic journey.

Nancy resides in Calgary with her husband. She has two grown sons, and is "Nana"
to her 12 year old grandson.

*Nancy is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists  
*Active member of the FCA/Calgary Chapter